Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Ventilator Simulators and Trainers (All Ages)

Enter the World of ventilator simulation. Sit back on your comfy chair and fire up the ventilator on you laptop and play with it until you recognize that now you know more than your supervisor!
This is a nice concept. The technology is moving fast and software like these are gifts of innovation. It really is as simple as just clicking through options on your laptop in these simulations, a great way to learn and understand the basic and advanced concepts of ventilators.

You can read more about the Ventilation simulation and training by reading this paper presented in 37th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional Respiratory Care Conference And Scientific Assembly held in April 11th – 13th, 2010, Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport Seattle, Washington:

Medical Simulation and RCP Training

I have bee able to find these free simulators. They are also mentioned in the presentation.

  1. Evita: It features 3 ventilator simulators, very nice features and interface. You will have to downland the software from downloads section and than click on "start evita trainer"

  2. HAMILTON-G5: Features only one ventilator but its good. You can start the online version or even download it to you computer. This software has both Windows and Mac versions so all those Mac users, this would be a gem!
Remeber: You need sound computer knowledge and patience to get through the initial learning curve of just using the program. The real stuff will only start once you are comfortable with the buttons and working of the program.
Notice: The author is not affiliated with any of the software or the conference in any way except being a Doctor and having a knowledge of these sites!

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  1. both machines are not perfect for neo or paed groups