Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video of a neonate with heart beating in an omphalocele

An omphalocele is a type of abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, liver, and occasionally other organs remain outside of the abdomen in a sac because of a defect in the development of the muscles of the abdominal wall (exomphalos). Omphalocele occurs in 2.5/10,000 births and is associated with a high rate of mortality (25%) and severe malformations, such as cardiac anomalies (50%) and neural tube deffect (40%). Approximately 15% of live-born infants with omphalocele have chromosomal abnormalities.
In this post you will be able to see a neonate who has a heart present in the omphalocele.

The video is taken feet at the top and head at the bottom of video. Clearly you can see the Beating heart in omphalocele. The USG confirmed it as well.

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