Thursday, May 9, 2013

Read review copies from Springer

Read the Evaluation Copies of ebooks by Springer online for free. This works for all countries including Pakistan. And you could even have a free hard copy if your review is appreciated by Springer!

Step 1:

Go to: Springer Site

You will see something like this:

Make a New Account by clicking on "New user".

Step 2:

Now again go here: Springer Site

First time you will have to fill a form. Fill all details correctly.

Click the Link: Access an Online Review Book Copy as shown in image above

Now you will see something like this:

Click "Access Review Copy" and you will be able to read the whole book!

Note: You do not need to Fill details everytime you need to read the book, its just first time. Make sure to log in before you start reading.

Last but the not the least we thank the authors of the book and Springer for a great book.

Edit: Just found that if your review is appreciated by Springer than you could get a hard copy free!

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